Shalyatantra is one of distinct branch of Ashtang Ayurveda will teaches us surgical knowledge and procedure that are performed and used by thousands of years . Modren plastic surgary specialty is one specialty that has its origin form shalyatantra which documented in modern journals.

Surgical knowledge of disease and treatments described in shalyatantra can be researched and used in diseases with minimum complications and side effects. Now a daya world is turning to ayurved for comprehensive treatment for diseases.

Our shalyatantra department conduct 3rd yr B.A.M.S, M.S (shalyatantra) courses.


  • Have the basic knowledge and surgical principles described in Shalya tantra by various Acharyas.
  • They will be able to diagnose common surgical diseases according to Ayurveda and Modern medicine
  • They will be trained and acquire basic skills to perform varies karmas


    Rakta Mokshan


    Seevan karma ( wound suturing)

Postgraduate students

  • Full knowledge of Shalyatantra, and allopathic surgery branch.
  • They will be able to diagnose surgical conditions and treat them according by selecting the most beneficial treatment protocol.
  • They will be able to work as specialist in the field of Shalyatantra and Allopathic surgery.

Certificate course student will be able to

  • Achieve comprehensive knowledge of anorectal anatomy, Pathology.
  • Able to diagnose various anorectal conditions and treat them using ksharkarma and Ksharsutra procedures.
  • Will acquire the skills to prepare different types of Kshar and Ksharsutra.

Departmental Features

Shalya tantra department has following staff. All the staff is experienced and specialises in surgical field. We admit 6 postgraduate students every year and 25 students for fellowship course in ksharsutra chikitsa. There is wall equipped departmental library which contains

  • Humerous Ayurvedic and allopathic surgical textbooks reference books.
  • Audio visual CD's for surgical procedures.
  • Manniqquins dummies for basic trauma life support course and cardio pulmonary resuscitation.
  • Museum which contains specimens of diseased organs from operation carried out in our hospital.
  • Models for suturing techniques, ksharsutra application, ksharkarma for practical training.

Departmental activities

  • Clinical case presentation is done by pg student every week on Saturday afternoon .
  • Seminars on subject are taken every Friday afternoon.
  • Hernia surgery camp , piles surgery camp, hydrocele surgery , osteoarthritis, urinary stone camps are organized annually for the benefit of UG and PG student.
  • Allopathic surgeons in the laparoscopy and endoscopy specialty are invited for lecture and demonstrations.
  • Renowned Ayurevedic surgeons are invited as guest lecture on varies Shalyatantra subjects.
  • Live conferences on live surgeries e.g. SANDHAN 2003.
  • National Seminar on SHALYARNAVAHA


Name Of The Staff Designation Qualification CCIM Teachers Code
Dr. Kale Rashmi Anil Professor MD (Ayu.) Shalya Tantra , Ph.D( Ayu) Shalya Tantra AYST00467
Dr. Gajare Kamalakar Vasant Reader M.S. (Ayu) Shalya Tantra , Ph.D( Ayu) Shalya Tantra AYST00423
Dr. Mali Sandip Matu Lecturer M.S. (Ayu) Shalya Tantra , Ph.D( Ayu) Shalya Tantra AYST01066
Dr. Narkhade Yogesh Dnyandeo Lecturer M.S. (Ayu) Shalya Tantra AYST00419