S.S.A.M. has a well established and full fledged U.G as well as P.G department in Rognidan. The U.G department has a spacious students’ lab, a museum and fulltime staff.

    The department boasts of a fully functional and a very busy round the clock “Central Lab” serving as the backbone of the Ayurved Rugnalaya Sane Guruji Arogya Kendra.

    Post graduation in any field seeks for in depth study & a detailed perspective about the particular subject in which one desires to pursue his post graduation. It should ideally enable the person to be an authority in his specialty and expects him to be an encouraging teacher, a philosopher & guide to the younger generation, a scientist with an analytical mind & to inculcate in him a research oriented approach in his studies.

    Rognidan-Vikrutividnyan is the groundwork of all the clinical subjects. The subject helps you to understand in depth the disease (Vyadhi-vidnyanam) & its pathogenesis (Samprapti Vidnyanam), the art & science of the clinical examination methods (Aatur or Rugna Parikshan Vidhi); the signs & symptoms or clinical features of the disease, the required investigations (Vyadhi pariksha vidhi) & the interpretation of their results as well. The subject deals with not only the diagnosis but also the prognosis (Sadhya-sadhyatwa) of any disease. Thus it renders the student to understand the philosophy as well as practicality of vyadhi-vidnyanam.

    The Department conducts PG Course M. D. (Rognidan).


  • Our aim is to mould a BAMS graduate to be an authority in Rognidan- Vikrutividnyan & make him an Ayurvedic Post graduate with the “Heart of Modern Medicine but a Brain of Ayurved”.
  • We always strive to make the student to think, understand & learn the philosophy & the ethos of Rognidan & Vikrutividnyan. Our students shall be able to think & explain the etio-pathogenesis (samprapti) of newer diseases & also about other unexplained & unnamed diseases with the help of sound knowledge of "Nidan panchak" & Vyadhi Ghatak. Also they should be able to elaborate Samprapti of each disease with the help of different samhitas & to undertake a detailed comparative study of Ayurved & modern concepts of disease pathogenesis & clinical features. They should study & elaborate the Ayurvedic concepts of vyadhikshamatva, dhatwagnimandya etc. scattered in different samhitas.
  • We should enable them to carry out a fine balance between modern laboratory techniques for investigations & traditional skills for clinical diagnosis and they should inculcate the fine skills in modern laboratory techniques so as to become expert in the diverse fields of hematology, pathology, bio-chemistry, microbiology & histo-pathology.
  • Our students should also be well versed in learning other investigations viz. X-rays, U.S.G, C.T. scan, M.R.I., E.C.G., or bedside procedures viz. biopsy, pleural or ascitic tapping. This shall certainly help them achieve our main aim i.e. to enable them to be judicious in their advice regarding carrying out investigations. They shall also learn the required applied knowledge about the importance & significance of all the investigations & diagnostic procedures so as to inculcate in him the ideal clinical methods to examine the patient & to enable him to communicate with the patient in a lucid manner so as to understand both the patient as well as his disease.
  • Lastly but not the least to teach him not only the science but also the art of practicing as a humane professional.A learned Ayurvedic degree holder, an able clinician & a successful physician is the one who has mastered Rognidan-Vikrutividnyan.


We are having a very well equipped teaching pathology lab for students. Almost 40 students can work at a time and each student gets separate microscope to study.

UG and PG programmes are regularly conducted.

  • Two laboratory technicians & one lab assistant are available to help them.
  • Students are regularly encouraged for Group discussions and have to mandatorily participate & present clinical cases at intra-departmental as well as inter-departmental levels


    Teachers and students are always participating in extracurricular activities.


Name Of The Staff Designation Qualification CCIM Teachers Code
Dr. Kaknurkar Vrinda Balkrishna Professor MD (Ayu.) Rognidan-Vikrutividnyan AYRN00208
Dr. Kalaskar Anand Vijay Reader MD (Ayu.) Kayachikitsa-Vikritivigyan AYKC01409
Dr. Bagore Sanjivkumar Bhimashakar Reader MD (Ayu.) Rognidan Vikruti Vidnyan AYRN00212
Dr. Ghogare Anjana Raghunath Lecturer MD (Ayu.) Rognidan AYRN00363