Department of Stri Roga & Prasuti tantra is the premier department of our institute. Daily OPD is approximately 154 patients. We have a special Stri Rog & Prasuti ward with daily average occupancy of approximately 167 patients. Nearly 290 deliveries are conducted per month.

The department conducts P. G. degree (M. S. - Ayurved, Prasutitantra & Stri Rog) and P. G. diploma courses which are recognized by Central and State Govt. and affiilated to MUHS Nashik.

Our department is well known and recently our hospital has received a token of appreciation from Government of Maharashtra on the name of first female doctor of India, Dr. Anandibai Joshi award for the work in the field of Mata Balsangopan.


  • Creating able practitioners and not just Degree holders
  • Helping students to achieve cognitive, Psychomotor as well as affective domains.
  • Consultation and counseling of variety of patients.
  • Handling of emergency patients.
  • Hands on practical training to develop surgical skill.
  • Active participation in conduction of National programmes.

Departmental Features

  • Spacious Departments i.e. UG and PG Departments
  • Departmental Library with ample number of quality books.
  • Availability Audio-visual aids (LCD, OHP, Slide pro.)
  • Teaching on models and specimens.
  • Internet Facility for all students.


  • Well Equipped, large and hygienic Labour room and indoor setup.
  • Spacious OPD with all necessary equipment’s.
  • Spacious IPD with adequate staff.
  • Unending number of patients.
  • Unique set of Snehan, Swedan and Dhoopan kaksha for PNC patients.
  • ICU backup.
  • Well-equipped Operation Theater with experienced staff.

General & Special activities of Dept. [UG and PG]

  • Family planning center.
  • Special center for HIV counselling.
  • Routine ANC check-up and counselling
  • Ayurvedic treatment for Antenatal, Postnatal patients as well as in Gynaecological cases.
  • Laparoscopic procedures like Laparoscopic sterilization, LAVH, TLH etc.
  • Ultrasonography and colour Doppler facility.
  • Ayurvedic chikitsa for Sukhaprasava.
  • Genetic counselling center.
  • Research projects on various topics by Postgraduate degree and PG Diploma students.
  • CME by RAV, AYUSH Department, New Delhi.

Proposed Activities

  • Garbhsamskar
  • Suprajajanan chikitsa [Eugenics].
  • Diagnosis and treatment of Streevishishtha vyadhis according to Ayurved.
  • Ayurvedic treatment for Infertility.


Name Of The Staff Designation Qualification CCIM Teachers Code
Dr. Ghorpade Manda Sanjog Professor MS (Ayu.) Stri Rog Prasuti Tantra AYPS00789
Dr. Ayare Kalpana Bajrang Reader MS (Ayu.) Stri Rog Prasuti Tantra AYPS00574
Dr. Gawade Trupti Kalyan Reader MS (Ayu.) Stri Rog Prasuti Tantra AYPS00282
Dr. Rajebhosale Suchita Babuao Lecturer MS (Ayu.) Stri Rog Prasuti Tantra AYPS01105
Dr. Sasane Priyanka Rahul Lecturer MS (Ayu.) Stri Rog Prasuti Tantra TCRA000050578