Dr. Dada Gujar Institute of P.G. Studies & Research in Ayurveda

The college is conducting Post-graduate courses in various disciplines of Ayurved since the year 2001. Initially there was PG programme in only three subjects. Now, Post-graduation is available in 13 subjects (details as below). All the facilities like recognized P.G. guides, Teaching staff, Hospital, Library, Laboratories, Computer hub, Pharmacy etc. are available for efficient conduction of PG courses.

Programme Outcomes :

  • To master the thorough knowledge of the concerned specialty of Ayurved so as to acquire its basic principles which can be contributory to personal as well as national health programmes.

  • To maintain ethical contexts of the specialty acquired on both the secondary and primary levels.

  • To be able to diagnose and treat the specialty – specific conditions based on the outputs of appropriate and accurate clinical and other varieties of investigations.

  • To emphasize the focus on the preventive aspect of health preservation and educate / making aware to the needy patients / society.

  • To be able apply the various parameters of research methodology in Practice and Epidemiological surveys for analysis and correct strategies.

  • To be able to inculcate a culture of Education in Ayurved based on the current advances in Education technology for UG students.

All the P. G. courses are recognized by Dept. of AYUSH of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of Govt. of India and CCIM, New Delhi, and affiliated to M.U.H.S. (Nashik).

P. G. Co-ordinator – Dr. Vaishali Bhosale.
Associate Professor, Department of Kriya Sharir.

Following are three year full time Post Graduate courses under the affiliation of Maharashtra University of Health Sciences Nashik leading to P.G. Degree.

Name Of the Discipline Name of the Course Intake Capacity
Ayurved Samhita Siddhanta Ayurved Vachaspati - MD (Ayurveda) 06
Rachana Sharir Ayurved Vachaspati - MD (Ayurveda) 06
Kriya Sharir Ayurved Vachaspati - MD (Ayurveda) 06
Swasthavriita & Yoga Ayurved Vachaspati - MD (Ayurveda) 06
Dravyaguna Vigyana Ayurved Vachaspati - MD (Ayurveda) 06
Ras Shastra Bhaishajya Kalpana Ayurved Vachaspati - MD (Ayurveda) 06
Rognidan avum Vikruti Vigyana Ayurved Vachaspati - MD (Ayurveda) 06
Agad Tantra avum Vidhi vaidyaka Ayurved Vachaspati - MD (Ayurveda) 06
Kayachikitsa Ayurved Vachaspati - MD (Ayurveda) 06
Prasuti Tantra avum Striroga Ayurved Dhanwantari - MS (Ayurveda) 06
Shalya Tantra - Samanya Ayurved Dhanwantari - MS (Ayurveda) 06
Shalakya Tantra - Netra Roga Ayurved Dhanwantari - MS (Ayurveda) 06
Panchakarma Ayurved Vachaspati - MD (Ayurveda) 06
Total intake capacity (existing) 78
Total intake capacity (existing) 78
Duration of Course Three years
Admission criteria On the basis of merit as per - AIGPGET EXAM And BAMS.
Examinations A) One examination after one year i. e. Preliminary examination
B) Final examination at the end of Three years.