Panchakarma department is a highly specialized department of Sane Guruji Aarogya Kendra. Panchakarma is the process of purification, rejuvenation, cleansing and balancing human body.

Panchakarma is a combination of five therapeutic methods.

Panchakarma therapy increases digestive fire, alleviates diseases, activates the body and mind functions, creates a healthy mind and body, potentiates pleasantness of sensory organs, builds the body, enhances complexion of the body, creates an atmosphere of pleasantness in the body and mind, increases vitality and virilific power in man and he lives long without diseases.


  • Department is taking effort to guide students to learn authentic Panchakarma Procedures in a Practical way.
  • We strive hard to treat chronic disorders by way of Panchakarma Therapy.
  • We follow and also study the Standard Operating Procedures while conducting Panchkarama as per Samhita.
  • We are proactive in providing all the assistance for creating Educational Material related to Panchakarma e. g. VCD or DVD pattern.

Departmental Features

  • In Sane Gurugi Arogya Kendra, we have well equipped and maintained Panchakarma Department. Highly qualified consultant doctors consult the patients in our O.P.D. and access Prakriti Parikshan and their health problems thoroughly. All procedures are carried out by trained therapists under the guidance of specialists. Average 50 patients undergo Panchakarma treatment daily. We treat patients of Arthritis, Cervical Spondylosis, Lumber Spondylosis, Hyperacidity, Paralysis, Different Skin diseases, Allergic rhinitis, tinnitus Different Types of Hair Problems, Infertility in Males and Females and other Gynaecological problems, Asthma, Heart Diseases, High Blood Pressure, and Cancer.
  • Panchakarma is a highly progressing branch as a lot of patients are achieving healthy status of life. Every year we are treating around 15000 patients and performing 30000 Panchakarma procedures.
  • Apart from curing several obstinate and otherwise incurable diseases, these specialized therapies are capable of rejuvenating the body for preservation and promotion of Positive health and prevention of diseases.
  • Students from different institutes in India as well as abroad are visiting our department for practical training of different Panchakarma procedures. We have prepared charts and models for easy theoretical understanding.

Special activities of the Department:

Sl No Programme Duration Sponsored by Participants
1 C.M.E. Programme For Medical Officers & Practitioners (Module – 1 & Geriatric Health Care) 1 week 24th Apr – 29th Apr 2009. Rashtriya Ayurved Vidyapeeth, New Delhi 30
2 C.M.E. Programme in Geriatrics & Panchakarma for Medical Officers and Practitioners 1 Week 22nd Aug. – 27th Aug 2011 Rashtriya Ayurved Vidyapeeth, New Delhi 20


  • Many hon'ble guests such as dean of universities, Professors, different committee members, foreign students have visited and appreciated Panchakarma department.
  • We have developed a special instrument for Tarpana treatment. This is useful for practicing doctors as well as Panchakarma centers
  • Our dept. has been instrumental in providing all assistance for creating new educational materials related to the subject like Panchakarma Practical VCD and DVD in Marathi and English languages.

Future plans

  • Establishment of Postgraduate Course M. D. (Ayurved) (Panchakarma).
  • Establishment of High Tech Panchakarma Department by Modernization.


Name Of The Staff Designation Qualification CCIM Teachers Code
Dr. Gokhale Maya Vivek Professor M.D.(Ayu.) Panchakarma , Ph.D. (Ayu.) Kayachikitsa AYPK00292
Dr. Avhad Vandana Anil Reader M.D.(Ayu.) Panchakarma , Ph.D( Ayu) Panchakarma AYPK00293
Dr. Keram Priyanka Arunrao Lecturer M.D.(Ayu.) Panchakarma AYPK00417
Dr. Deshpande Sushrut Devendra Lecturer MD (Ayu.) Panchakarma AYPK00289