Kaumarbhritya is the subject taught in the final year B.A.M.S. Professional Degree course, This is the important basic clinical subject of Ayurveda. It is one of the eight branches (Ashtang) of Ayurved.

Department is having well qualified, studious co-operative and experienced staff. Departmental library is well maintained. Sane Guruji Arogya Kendra is attached for clinical knowledge where a variety of cases are available as clinical material. Students get knowledge of Ayurveda as well as modern science to face emergency condition as ICU facility is available.


  • Department takes effort to prepare best clinicians, academicians and socially aware person during college life.
  • Department is interested in conducting research in providing cure & care for chronic diseases with the help of Ayurved.

Departmental Features

  • Kaumarbhritya department is having separate UG library, charts, models which is essential for teaching.
  • Department is having daily NICU, Paediatric ward and Neonatal ward rounds taken by Medical Officers and Honorary Paediatricians.
  • Department conducts clinical presentations and discussions regularly.

General and special activities of the Department:

  • Department participates in various Health check up camps organized by Institution.
  • Department took active part in prevention of epidemic of swine flu by participating in vaccination programme and in promoting Ayurvedic medicine.
  • Department promotes PG students in clinical Research work posted in Paediatric department from other specialties.
  • Case presentation and clinical meetings .
  • Department runs vaccination programme recommended by national immunization programme every Tuesday and Friday successfully.

Future plans

  • To deliver most of the lectures with the help of audio visual aids.
  • To improve quality of lectures by all means.
  • To conduct lectures of renowned persons in the field of Ayurved to develop belief and faith in Ayurved.
  • To conduct lectures of renowned persons from modern science which will help to enhance knowledge
  • To increase no. of OPD & IPD of Department.
  • Propagation of Ayurved and its principles in general population by various means viz. medical camps, public lectures etc.


Name Of The Staff Designation Qualification CCIM Teachers Code
Dr. Waghmare Nitin Ramchandra Professor MD (Ayu.) Kaumarbhritya AYKB00515
Dr. Babar Ramchandra Pandurang Reader MD, Ph.D. (Ayu.) Kaumarbhritya AYKB00385
Dr. Jagtap Manisha Amitkumar Lecturer MD (Ayu.) Kaumarbhritya AYKB00301
Dr. Jadhav Onkar Suryakant Lecturer MD (Ayu.) Kaumarbhritya AYKB00729